Long before Duke Grungir Ironfist was ever born there was the town of Fishton. Fishton is a small settlement at the mouth of the Winding Waters. The people there are a hearty and independent lot. They faced the constant danger of raids from nearby lizardman tribes and the other hardships that come with living an isolated life but they always managed to survive. For a living they fished and traded with the occasional ship that would stop for supplies. Life was hard.

This all changed shortly after the Time of Troubles. The dark god of Murder, Bhaal died in the waters of the Winding Water far upstream of Fishton. His death released a taint into the entire river that corrupted and altered the creatures along its length. This became an unexpected boon for the people of Fishton. The fish they began to catch were changed by the power of the dead god in unexpected and beneficial ways. The frequency of ships coming to Fishton for trade increased once it was found that the fish they were selling were imbued with magical properties. Despite the awful stink that came from their catch the fish caught became a valued commodity. The small town began to grow.

As the town grew it also began to gain the notice of the many unfriendly and monstrous tribes that lived in the surrounding area. In its growing prosperity Fishton became a target for those who would take their new found wealth by force of arms. The people of Fishton were not strong enough to stand against these forces. The only thing that had protected them before was their poverty and small size and now both were gone.

Drawn to the area by the death of Bhaal and the chance for adventure, the adventurer Grungir Ironfist saw the plight of the small community and opportunity. He convinced his loyal group of friends to come to the area and laid plans to build a castle in the untamed wilds near Fishton. The band of adventures, lead by Grungir Ironfist quickly solved many of the troubles faced by the small town. With the area secure the band of adventures made the area their permanent home. Not long after Grungir Ironfist named himself Duke and began construction of the keep of Stormhold.

The new Duke was not stingy with the treasure he had earned from a life of adventure. He used his wealth to make many needed improvements to Fishton including a wall and a garrison of trained troops to protect the town. Fishton was only the first part of his grand plans however. The Duke was unsatisfied with the simple fishing huts in Fishton and intended to build a new town for the people. Across the river was the ideal spot and the town of Galeport was founded. The Duke offered the folk of Fishton new land in the town of Galeport.

Many of the people in Fishton made the move to Galeport. With their newfound wealth and the improvements offered by the Duke most people were all too eager to leave behind their ramshackle huts and the stink of fish. The people also made certain that the fish processing warehouses remained in Fishton. No one wanted the awful stench to follow them to their new homes across the river. Soon only the stubborn and less successful people remained in Fishton. The town became coarse and the people that lived there began to hold some resentment for those that moved to the town of Galeport.

Fishton today is a rough place that attracts the seedier elements of society. There are rumors that Fishton has dealings with pirates and smugglers. They tend to resent the people of Galeport and blame their problems upon the new town. They have even chased the Dukes guard away from their walls preferring to man them themselves. Most people that live here are not wealthy and work as either fishermen or farmers for guild controlled interests. Both occupations are controlled by men that have made their fortunes in the early days of the boon times. They have bought up most of the land left by the folk that moved to Galeport and strictly control the guilds that set the prices of the fish catch. There is little room for people to work independently and the Guilds actively seek to stomp out those that do not answer to them. The guilds quietly encourage the people’s ill feelings toward Galeport to keep the peoples ire away from them. Despite the wealth created by its commerce Fishton remains a near slum sitting under a stinking cloud of dead fish.


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