The beginnings of Stonehaven can be traced back to its current leader and messiah by popular acclaim Knox Stonecutter. For the most part Knox was little more than an adventurer and vagabond. The only thing that separated him from any number of other like him was his uncommonly good luck. He teamed up with the Duke and his adventuring band early in his career and has never looked back. One bit of good fortune has followed the next.

In one of his earliest exploits with the Duke band he managed to recover a suit of ancient dwarf crafted plate mail]. He looted the armor from an ancient tomb, filled with Dwarven wraiths. Not knowing anything of the suits history he began to wear it simply because it was the best armor he owned at the time. Knox was never much for caring about the past. The reactions he got from dwarves that saw him wearing it were unexpected. It seemed that most dwarves knew of his armor and also of a prophecy that told of it’s recovery. Word spread up and down the Sword Coast that a dwarf had recovered the Mantle of the Dwarven Overlord.

Relaxing between adventures in a nameless village Knox was roused from a drunken stupor by a great uproar outside the Inn he occupied. A large band of dwarves numbering in the hundreds had gathered in town during the night. They had traveled from miles around and undertaken an epic search for the Mantle Bearer. They surrounded the Inn and clamored to see if the tale was true. The basic premise of the prophecy told of a time when the armor would be recovered and worn by a dwarf, the wearer would herald a time of grandeur for the entire dwarven race and lead them in a great unification. Rubbing his bloodshot eyes and seeing that there was no means of escape Knox fell back on one of the things he does best, bluffing. Half fearing for his life he went boldly out to face the mob that had formed and told them what they wanted to hear.

The very next day the band of dwarves left the town with Knox Stonecutter at their head. Striding grandly and thinking furiously Knox decided he wanted nothing to do with the group. He needed to come up with a plan fast that would keep the dwarves busy and allow him to make his escape. For three days he led the group aimlessly into the wilderness speaking little and while searching for a solution. Finally midway into the fourth day he was confronted by the leaders of the band of dwarves. They wanted answers and wanted them now. At his best when thinking fast Knox pointed out an outcropping of stone and declared that he was leading them to the site of a great new city. He told them that he was visited in a dream and that the dwarves were to found a new city below the outcropping of stone. It was to be called Stonehaven!

To Knox’s great relief, when the scouts returned from the stone outcropping they reported that it was an ideal site. Amazingly to Knox, if no other, there were a series of worked caves and what looked to be ruins of an ancient dwarf built city. The dwarves exclaimed in delight while Knox thanked the gods for his good luck and pretended that he knew exactly what he was doing. In no time the dwarves were busily at work founding the new city of Stonehaven.

In all the commotion of the new construction Knox managed to sneak off, content that the dwarves would be kept to busy to seek him out again and discover that he was a fraud. He went back to a live of drunken leisure with an occasional adventure with the Duke to keep his coffers full. He put the dwarves out of his mind as a problem solved. His adventures did little to keep his profile low however. Word of the monsters he had slain and the deeds he had done got out and the dwarves found him once more. Against his better instincts he accompanied them back to the new city of Stonehaven.

The dwarves had not been idle in his absence. What was once a small band of a few hundred had grown into a community of thousands. The bare caves and ruins Knox had left behind had been turned into a proper city. After the joy of their leaders return had subsided the dwarves wasted no time burying Knox in an avalanche of paperwork and decisions that required his official approval. After a few days of this Knox had had enough, he decided that he would tell the dwarves the truth and face whatever happened, surely there could be nothing worse they could do to him than what they were making him do now.

Knox called all the dwarf community leaders together and made his announcement. His confession was spoiled however, when in the middle of his speech a frantic miner burst into the room bellowing that they had struck a massive vein of adamantine. In the excitement no one would listen to Knox. Those that did simply laughed off what he said as a joke and refused to accept Knox’s word on the matter. Anyone with as much good fortune as Knox had to be their messiah no matter what he happened to say to the contrary.

Knox continues to deny that he was anything to do with prophecy and can hardly believe that any dwarf would look to him as a leader. Knox’s denials might eventually work if only every time he made a convincing argument against his leadership more good fortune did not strike. In the time since the dwarves began following Knox as their messiah there has been the Thunder Blessing, victory after victory in battle, riches and wealth in their mines, and a steady stream of new arrivals. The dwarves have begun to dismiss their leader’s claims as eccentricity and if the truth were told even Knox is beginning to think that their faith might have merit.

Stonehaven today is a city bustling with activity. It is populated almost exclusively by dwarves and more arrive every day. It is a beehive of activity with all the dwarves seemingly working toward a single purpose. The very air in the halls of Stonehaven seemed to be charged with expectation. What exactly is going to happen has yet to be seen.


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